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It was the last exhibition of the year in Hungary over the weekend. AAPKK once again organized a dog show of wonderful quality. The following results were achieved at the double Special CAC:

Komárom IDS


We registered the corgis for the Komárom IDS 3x CACIB dog show on Friday and Saturday. Sonya and Myatka participated in the exhibition. They achieved great results

Vrtojba IDS


Another wonderful dog show, this time in Slovenia. Vrtojba IDS and afternoon special CAC results of my corgis:

About Us

The Great By Lucky is a small, familiar kennel. We established it in 2010, when it was registered by the FCI. Our first litter was born in that year, but at that time we were still breeding wire-haired dachshunds. We have always liked corgis, so when we started having dogs again after the birth of our daughter, it was clear to us that we would choose this breed, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We bought our first dog, Deni (from Hungary), and we got to know the breed more and more. Deni was followed by 3 females with excellent bloodlines from Russia. After them arrived to us a wonderful male with an exclusive bloodline, imported from Italy. We are at the beginning of corgi breeding, but we try to use the knowledge and experience we have gained during the years of dog breeding previously.